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The Erasmus + program between the University of Brescia and two Israeli Institutions: Technion E Bar-Ilan University, has been approved. This program allows the continue mobility of Staff and MS and PhD students towards the two countries. The Optimib project promoted the involvement of the Technion institute, which is an established Multidisciplinary center of excellence. From 22 October 2019, organisations participating or wishing to participate in the Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps actions managed by a National Agency have to manage their organisation’s information through a new organisation registration system. This new system, accessible through the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform, makes it easier for most organisations to register and to participate with less information requested.

For more information about the new platform, please see the changes to registration page.

Organisations wanting to participate in Erasmus+ may engage in a number of development and networking activities, including strategic improvement of the professional skills of their staff, organisational capacity building, and creating transnational cooperative partnerships with organisations from other countries in order to produce innovative outputs or exchange best practices. In addition, organisations facilitate the learning mobility opportunities for students, education staff, trainees, apprentices, volunteers, youth workers and young people. The benefits for involved organisations include an increased capacity to operate at an international level, improved management methods, access to more funding opportunities and projects, increased ability to prepare, manage, and follow-up projects, as well as a more attractive portfolio of opportunities for learners and staff at participating organisations.

Development of a sensorized fluidic platform for 3D dynamic cell culture and implantable medical devices.

New proposal submission Italy-Israel cooperation agreement (INDUSTRIAL TRACK). It is under submission a new proposal for the Industrial Track call of the Bilateral Cooperation agreement between Italy and Israel in 2021 following the OPTIMIB project conclusion. The partners involved in the new proposal are UniBS and the IVTech company for the Italian side and Technion and the Paragate Medical company for the Israeli side. Israel-Italy “Joint Innovation Program” for Research and Development Cooperation in Industrial, Scientific and Technological fields in R&D

Nineteenth Call for Proposals for Joint Industrial R&D Projects (“INDUSTRIAL TRACK”)

Submission by November 25th 2020

Within the activities foreseen by the Agreement for Research and Development Cooperation in Industrial, Scientific and Technological fields signed between Italy and Israel on June 13, 2000 (hereinafter called “the Agreement”), the Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for the Italian Party and the International Collaboration Division of Israel Innovation Authority (hereinafter called “the Party” or “the Parties”), agreed to issue a call for proposals for the selection of joint Italian-Israeli industrial research and development projects eligible for financial support as in Article 4 of the Agreement.

Joint PhD program KU LEUVEN
The outcomes of the OPTIMIB project as far, gave the opportunity to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of UniBS to collaborate towards a Joint PhD program with the KU LEUVEN institute. The program has been founded by the local agency FWO and the title of the project is:

Development of innovative 3-D neuronal scaffolds and related additive manufacturing technology for multi-material/multi-functional printing

PhD fellowship FWO:

Objective: The PhD Fellowship is the most important funding channel to prepare young and promising researchers to complete their PhD. For the funding of a limited number of fellowships, the FWO collaborates with: SCK•CEN, L’Oreal-Unesco and VITO. The PhD research must be fundamental in nature.

Period: 2 years, renewable once
Net scholarship amount: minimum € 2.015,51
Fixed bench fee: €3,720/year
Success rate 2017: 21,31%