The University of Brescia focuses its activities mainly on the Health and Wealth of people in the surrounding environment, through the integration of the cultural and scientific areas which are its hallmark, and the collaboration with national and international partners working in the health, economic-industrial and socio-institutional fields. The group of Mechanical Technologies now a 10 years’ experience in Additive Manufacturing various structures with complex shapes, mainly for bespoke medical applications. The group has a strong connection with the clinicians and biotechnologists of the University orthopedic and translational medicine clinics. The group has competencies in process optimisation and in the use of statistical tools (DoE, ANOVA) so to identify the best process parameters by conduct only the needed experiments. The cooperation between Medical and Engineering school it another positive aspects, since all the competences of Radiology and Biology groups will be available for the success of the project.

CSMT is a PPP (Private/Public Partnership) non-profit organization founded in 2007 and it aims at building a bridge between Research and the Industrial world, disseminating, exploiting and transforming innovation in business terms. This includes also business modeling support, technological transfer, training activities, applied research and technical services, promoting collaboration between industry and academia. CSMT operates in several fields, including business model development, ICT, health, manufacturing, energy and environment. CSMT present significant infrastructures suited to promote connection with SMEs, business start-up and innovation. Its headquarters are located in Northern Italy, with 6.500 sqms within the campus of the University of Brescia, the ideal place to encourage technological development, innovation, research and the study of new products and methodologies. CSMT has a partnership with the local University and Industrial Association (its major shareholders), granting access to many laboratories, meeting rooms and conference halls.

KANFIT3D is an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer and has a vast experience in medical devices production. KANFIT3D specialises in micro metal implants processing such as laser cutting including femto-laser, laser welding, heat and surface treatments, electropolishing, passivation, micro-etching, sand blasting, metal wire braiding and EM Electron Beam Melting titanium 3D printingtechnologies. Furthermore, KANFIT3D is knowledgeable in quality and regulatory affairs of medical devices arena.known for its expertise in Nitinol processing including shape setting and electropolishing as well as radial force testing and high quality inspections using advanced optical equipment. In addition, KANFIT3D provides its customers with an extensive engineering support and scale up activities therefore many known medical devices companies qualify KANFIT3D as their leading contract manufacturer. KANFIT3D has a proven track of 20 years in the medical device industry and is a key player in the Israeli R&D arena as well as worldwide.

The Institute has gained an ISO 13485 accreditation for EBM Fabrication of Medical devices to enable its contribution to the medical implants research and development in Israel. It has now a 3 years’ experience in EBM manufacturing various structures with complex shapes, both for medical and for other applications.
At our disposal we have a fully equipped Mechanical testing Laboratory, with tensile/compression, fatigue (dry and wet), fracture-toughness, bending testing.
We have also a fully equipped Metallurgical properties Laboratory, with controlled cutting, embedding, grinding and polishing, optical and electron microscopy, with micro-analysis (EDS). Compositions analyses by OES, XRF, for metallic alloys composition, LECO O,N,H analyser, RETCH CAMSIZER X2 for powders quality testing will be used for the project.