• Identify building process parameters that will enable the fabrication of parts with the best possible compromise between mechanical properties and resolution for metallic parts.

• Introduce a femtosecond laser treatment and post process HIP-ing on SLM and EBM surfaces to identify the effect on the structural and biological properties.

• Tailor and assess the mechanical biocompatibility of the part through the optimization of the process parameters and geometries.

• Develop methods to minimize the internal surface roughness, where needed, either through polishing methods or improving the build strategies.

• Design structures using topology optimization that enable the production of complex lattice structures maintaining sufficient mechanical integrity to function in a load bearing application.

• Perform full mechanical characterization of the solid and lattice prosthetics,including fatigue testing in-line with ISO standards.

• Compare the application of machining on ALM parts to obtain holes on implants to the ALM process with specifically designed holes to identify the optimal method to obtain proper fixation sites.