Activities – Results

Both SLM and EBM samples have been produced by the company KANFIT 3D and the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion) considering different building angles (0◦,15◦,30◦,45◦) in relation to the building plate to investigate the effects of the building angle on the surface properties. The characterization of the samples has been carried out in terms of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), contact angle measurements, roughness analysis and cross section imaging. The differences between the samples surface properties have been identified and evaluated for the biological characterization. Pre-osteoblasts cells have been cultured firstly on plate to quantify the proliferation grade and identify the mineralization process towards specific assays staining the degree of mineral production (alizarin red) and the protein production (ALP). The cells have been then cultured on the samples starting from the EBM samples with different building angles and the results showed the influence of the angles on the cells adhesion.